Established in the Veneto, the region of the city of Venice.

Gemmati Velocipedi
Iride factory

The marque of Iride has been produced by the Gemmati family factory in north eastern Italy since 1919. Being established in il Veneto for generations, the house of Gemmati, like everything in the region, is influenced by the quality, power and history of the nearby city of Venice.


Carlo Gemmati
Maker of fine Italian bicycles

The founding father, Umberto Gemmati opened this workshop in 1919. The current proprietor, Carlo Gemmati, Umberto's grandson, has made impressive Iride bicycles his entire life.


Roberto perfects a fork
handcrafted for quality

It is lively around the shop, there is often gossip concerning Bianchi business practices or Cinelli standards. And Carlo gripes about the local city government wanting him to pay a new tax if he fixes up the signage on the building.


Quality Control in Action
careful eye moves toward perfection

Mr. Gemmati says he prefers the action of a lower flame. Some others can use overly strong torches. The calmer flame can take more time, but he likes how the technique allows the brass to flow smoother and penetrate farther into the joints.


Fully Flowed Joints
the extra effort for added security

The massive dedication to integrity and to making the most stable nimble frames possible, Mr. Gemmati even takes the time to braze inside the bottom bracket. Check it out, look inside the frame you receive.