Nucleo, 22 speed road racer bicycle
The new IRIDE racer image

New Iride road racer, Nucleo
design durability

Nucleo: Core in Italian, is our classic road racer. With a customary horizontal top tube indicating the direction of your speed, and slender tube diameters expressing the concentrated strength of frame material, a rider cannot help but enjoy this experience. The core of high performance cycling, the heart of racing bicycle design is exemplified here.

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Balance of material
proves itself

A lithe ride with a precise space age carbon fork, top of the line carbon wheels, and the spring-in-your-step liveliness of a light steel frame. Fly and slice like the road racer or a mountain explorer.


Nucleo components

  • Hand brazed lugged Columbus Niobium SL triple butted steel frame
  • Columbus Minimal full carbon fiber fork with carbon steerer tube
  • Campagnolo shifters
  • Ital Manubri ergonomic racing handlebar
  • ITM Ital Manubri Racer alloy stem and seatpost
  • Campagnolo outboard bearing bottom bracket
  • Campagnolo crankset
  • Miche cassette
  • Campagnolo derailleurs
  • Shown with optional FSA Vision wheels
  • Lightweight kevlar bead tires
  • Pedals not included

Remember, handmade products have irregularities and variations,
increasing uniqueness.


is View with Brooklyn Bridge

The control gained by the outstanding Campagnolo shifters and thoughtfully formed ergonomic handlebars is well known among the best riders.

The new IRIDE Nucleo flying

Blast potential
surprising velocity increase

This Iride road racer creates pleasure. A certain bicycle characteristic that can often surprise a rider is quick acceleration. Sleek Iride bicycles take advantage of the elements that allow easy increases in acceleration.

Blasting through streets near buildings brings home fun; having a blast.


The striking profile of Nucleo
nucleus of vision

This essential profile indicates the core of racing bikes. The drop handlebar, the horizontal top tube, the snug wheelbase; these distinctions can be seen and understood by knowledgeable observers, and enjoyed by Iride owners.

Weight as shown, in 54cm size, is 18 lbs 10.40 oz, or 8,460 grams.


The well behaved Nucleo
strength through manners

The well formed rear end of the Nucleo solidifies your directional input and braces the structure for your power application. The serious yet moderate racing frame geometry is predictable, forgiving, and energetic. The essence of calm strength.


feedback causing understanding

Combining a proper full carbon fiber fork with the lugged steel frame creates a harmonious group that gives everything for the rider.

The musical tones caused by the light metal frame are still heard by the rider's skeleton, but road deficiencies can be eased by the vibration preventing properties of the carbon fiber components.


Casual classic
comfortable confidence

Riders seen on the Iride Nucleo are perceived to be confident in their manner. The casual ease with which one controls a racing bicycle is demonstrated smoothly when piloting the Nucleo. The classic ergonomics and high performance components cause increases in confidence.


Road racer root, Nucleo
foundation of design

Classic and well understood is the riding style of the road racer bicycle. The Nucleo by Iride exemplifies the remarkable virtues of the machine desired by experienced road bike racers. In addition to the native high performance, the balance of drop handlebar and horizontal top tube creates the conditions for a properly enjoyable road voyage.

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