How to maintain your new Iride bicycle.

Access to air pressure is required
Keep your tires pumped hard

You need access to air pressure. Either a pump at home (recommended) or a nearby bike shop with hose, or car air at a gas station. This is very important, you will need your tires pumped up to the pressure written on the tire sidewall. Low tire pressure will ruin your ride, cause a flat tire, and damage rims.

You will have to add pressure to your tires nearly every time you ride.


A good bicycle lives indoors.
good bike, good bike, here's your treat

A rider needs a space in the house for the bicycle to live comfortably. Your bike will last much longer, need less maintenance, stay cleaner, and remain unstolen if it is kept inside when not riding.

You can confidently park outside when you are out and about, but overnight, your bike should be indoors.


Some essentials to keep your bicycle maximized.

Minimum tool set you might want to have:

  • Folding multi tool with metric allen wrenches and screwdrivers.
  • Small adjustable wrench
  • Tire levers and patch kit
  • Proper lubricating oil. Avoid simple sprays like wd-40, it doesn’t stay.

Occasionally a rider will need a tool to tighten something loose or make an adjustment. An ordinary piece of glass or something in the tire, can often be easily patched without removing the wheel. And the chain, plus other pivot points, should never get dry or oxidized.