Road Racer
Purchase Nucleo, twenty-two speed road racer bicycle

The Iride Nucleo.
core performance

Choose your fork:
Choose your frame size:
for inseam         choose                    for inseam         choose
27" - 29"          46cm                      33" - 35"          56cm
28" - 30"          48cm                      34" - 36"          58cm
30" - 32"          50cm                      36" - 38"          60cm
31" - 33"          52cm                      37" - 40"          62cm
32" - 34"          54cm

Fork Choice
refine your bicycle's personality

1. Full carbon Columbus Minimal fork. Recommended. 360g
2. Carbon legs with steel steerer. 635g
3. Full steel brazed lugged fork made of Columbus tubing. 797g



Oversize tubing option
Get the bigger stiffer tubes

Get the OS frame tubes $25
Oversize tubing is stiffer, regular skinny tubing is lighter.


For questions about ordering, please email: posta @ Thank you.
Made to order bicycles are ready in about six weeks.

Add the Chris King headest
improve the head

Iride bicycles come with very good headset bearings,
but if you like please,
Add the legendary Chris King headest. Choose color. $120

Headset color


Optional Mounts
improve utilization

One set of bottle cage mounts: on down tube. $20

One set of bottle cage mounts: on seat tube. $20

Add rack mount option if you would like the four braze-ons for screws to attach a rear carrier rack. $40


Wheel Choice
rolling improvements

Miche Race 707 wheels are included in the base bicycle price. 1965g
Miche Syntium AXY wheels are very very good. Recommended. 1580g
Miche Carbon SWR wheels with luscious carbon clincher rims. 1510g
FSA Vision Trimax 35 wheels are excellent aluminum wheels. 1640g

Choose your wheels


IRIDE high performance components

Optional Saddles
Go more CLASSIC or more RACE

Iride bicycles come stock with very good Selle Monte Grappa saddles.
We know that Italian saddles are as coveted as Italian shoes. If you would like to upgrade, please add one of these leather saddle options.
1) Selle San Marco Regal 310g $140
2) Selle San Marco Aspide 166g $150
3) Selle SMP Evolution 240g $210
4) Selle Italia Lady Flow 185g $110

Saddle upgrade option


Get a Seatpost Upgrade
support connection

The stock seatpost is a very light chrome steel short post. 202g
If you would like to upgrade, choose one of these optional posts here.
1) Miche Supertype seatpost with locking clamp mechanism. 268g $90
2) FSA Metropolis with quick release head for theft protection. 369g $80
3) FSA K-Force carbon fiber solid monocoque. 210g $180

Seat post upgrade option


Get Your Specific Frame Geometry
get it custom if you like

The standard frame sizes fit 90% of riders, but
If you have a distinctive architecture, or specific requirements,
Please get this option $150.
Put your fitment dimensions in a comma separated list in the box below;
like this: TT=x, ST=x, CS=x, SA=x
All measurements center-to-center, in centimeters.

Enter comma separated list:


Choose the Tire Size
go heavier or go lighter

Iride bicycles come with high performance kevlar bead tires. The kevlar bead is substantially lighter than an ordinary metal bead; this enhances acceleration and braking.
Choose 700x23 size for increased lightness.
Choose 700x25 size for excellent acceleration - Recommended.
Choose 700x28 size for increased durability.

Choose optional tire size


IRIDE high performance components

Recommended Accessories
Complete your vehicle experience

Get a Lock.

You should carry a lock when riding, because it is likely you will be invited to go somewhere. The best all purpose design for a bicycle lock is the mini u-lock. They are stronger than longer u-locks and easier to carry. They are basically as secure as the giant chains - only cuttable by power tools. Great method: Use two locks for twice the security. Keep your bike indoors when not in use. OnGuard = very good, locks both ends of loop. Kryptonite Evolution = well known, Kryptonite New York = more metal.

  • OnGuard Bulldog mini u-lock $35 with purchase of bicycle
  • Kryptonite Evolution mini u-lock $40 with purchase of bicycle
  • Kryptonite New York mini u-lock $65 with purchase of bicycle
 high performance components

Get Wheel Security.

We strongly recommend securing your wheels. These products work very well. Locking skewers, and the solid-axle nut "wheel locks", they allow you to park your bike easily, without worry for your wheels to be stolen.

Skewers work with multi speed Nucleo and Il Mercante.
The nut set works with single speed Monello, Mixte, and Bici Pista.

  • Pinhead Locking Skewer set 2 pack $40 with purchase of bicycle
  • Pinhead solid axle Wheel Lock nut set $35 with purchase of bicycle


Choose Your Delivery Option
Get It

We encourage buyers to have their new bicycle built and tuned by the experts at Iride, then delivered directly to your home, ready to ride. Or have it shipped to a nearby bicycle shop for assembly perfection, you just visit and pick it up. Please put the bike shop address in the in the note field provided, after you choose your credit card or paypal.

Where shall we send your bicycle?