Generations of expertise, since 1919.

Muscular team Iride
bicycle racing foundation

The brand name Iride has always been made by the Gemmati family. The word Iride means iris of the eye in Italian. It also refers to the colors of a rainbow, like what appears on so much racing apparel. It is also the root of iridescent. It is pronounced, in American English like ERIE-deh, an Italian would roll the r like this: ; but really, we don't mind if you say it I-ride, if that helps you remember the web address. It is funny, people speaking Italian would not even get the pun; there is no word for "ride" in Italian.


Race Winning Designs
Graceful structural Integrity

The sculptural engineering result displayed on these early trophy winning bikes looks active. Acquiring cups and trophies to overflow the office. There is an additional large stockpile of trophies in the attic.


Action at il velodromo - Pista
track racing specialty

The Iride track bike racing team in action at the velodrome. The nearby bigger town, Portogruaro, has a high banked velodrome, easily visible on google satellite, the Mecchia Velodrome. This is where star racer Nino Florean, above at center, won so many trophies for Iride.


Action on the road - Corsa
road racing history

Members of the Iride bicycles road racing team pursue the legacy in the 1948 season, just as Italy was recovering from World War II.