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Morning Calm Magazine

The in-flight magazine of Korean Airlines prints compelling and important in-depth features from around the globe. The Septemeber issue featured Iride Bicycles with many photos and a detailed four page article.


Robb Report
the respected report for connoisseurs

The prestigious Robb Report, where you find reviews of jets and yachts, has featured Iride bicycles. Connoisseurs need to know about the made to order bicycles from Italy. The Report sees the history and design of the quick urban bikes to be parallel to the Italian sports car maker Maserati.

The Maserati of Bicycles | Sports & Leisure | Robb Report - The Global Luxury Source


Elite Traveler Magazine
printed quarterly journal, the superyachts issue

Practitioners of the good life, like you, are known to read Elite Traveler Magazine, a print quarterly. Their Superyachts issue features a photo and article about Iride bicycles.

Elite Traveler Superyachts Magazine Winter 2013/2014 | Elite Traveler


Business Jet Traveler Magazine
maximizing your investment in private air transport

For business people who travel by jet, this issue features a photo and a little article about Iride bicycles.


prefer to pedal? Iride’s high-performance bicycles are handmade in Italy. They’re light and stylish and perfect for urban riders. Custom options are available. $2,190 and up, from

Business Jet Traveler Magazine with IRIDE Italian Bicycles December 2013 / January 2014 . website view



Entrepreneur Magazine
the high level business magazine, the design issue

Entrpreneur's Design Issue magazine showcases numerous high design items desired by experts. They feature a large photo and good information about Iride bicycles. Recommending the fine Iride Monello single speed bicycle. For the alternate commuter.

Entrepreneur Magazine, the Design Issue August 2014 | Entrepreneur . website view



industrial design's news source

Core77, the primary source of news in the industrial design profession, features Iride bicycles in an article about the Bicycle Show. Core77 understands the ergonometrical functionality of the classic roadster design, and that concept blended with the most advance materials and components.

New Amsterdam Bicycle Show Recap - Core77


Robb Report NYC Insider
the insider's report

Robb Report NYC Insider makes a feature article and runs a photo shoot about Iride bicycles, and tie it in to New York City.

A century-old Italian bike manufacturer brings high-performance urban bikes to NYC.

The Maserati of Bicycles | Robb Report New York City Insider


Urban Velo
seriously connected to the street

Urban Velo is the print magazine journal of the urban rider. Generally hardcore extreme riders and other connoisseurs favoring the fixed gear lifestyle. They ran the first notice of Iride bicycles' appearance in North America.

Iride Bicycles « Urban Velo


Links to more articles
on the world wide web

Iride is grouped with top bicycle makers by Barron's business magazine.

See Iride on the North American Handmade Bicycle web site:

Made-to-order bicycles featured in Manhattan luxury exhibition. Iride bicycles will be presented at this year's exclusive Luxury Review.

Iride has been asked to participate in a Brunch with Bentley. The event will take place on the grounds of a large estate in the Hamptons. There will be Bentleys, jet services, exclusive clothing designers, fine cigars, rare scotch, and exotic high performance bicycles by Iride.
Here is last year's event:

In the prestigious Robb Report, you find reviews of private jets and yachts, and now exotic handmade high performance bicycles by Iride.

The new Monello will debut at the NYC Bike Expo May 17 and 18 in Manhattan. Expo in conjunction with the Gran Fondo tour.

See Iride on the North American Handmade Bicycle web site:

클래식 픽시의 종결자 이리데IRIDE CICLI :: 네이버 블로그

Iride, a bringák Maseratija - Gazdagisztán

Bicicletas Iride, el Maserati de las bicicletas

Bike Plunder | The Handsomest Bike Stuff Around | New York City | NYC | Product

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Here is a good video of the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show featuring interested Tom Vaught, and lovely Simonetta Moro.

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Wikipedia article about Iride, Fine Italian Bicycles.

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