Behind the Scenes
The view inside

Spare frames

Beneath the rafters.

Casually leaning on the well worn wall.

Behind the standing bench grinder workstation.

Spare frames on the floor.


Lugs on the work bench
destined to be connected

The functionality, simplicity and beauty of these non-extravagant frame tube connecting devices are beautiful to see. Especially when the lugs are naked, in anticipation to embrace the rest of the set, to be brazed by hand to the tubes; joining together to maximize their strength.


The Office
no admittance

The clerical heart of the operation. This is where the messy library is kept, and the giant iron safe. Also most of the trophies are in here, as seen in other photos on this website.


Hardcore track racing fork.

Mr. Gemmati has been making serious track racing forks, with minimal tire clearance, and no space for a brake mounting hole.