Determining the right bicycle size is easy.

Inseam x .65 = Iride size
regular sizes

Inseam measurement may be different from pants size.
Take measurement from floor up to your good stuff.
Remember:  inch x 2.54 = cm
Consider the shoes and pants you will be wearing while riding, shoe thickness will affect this measurement; you want clearance over the bike’s top tube so that you can stand flat footed while waiting for a light.

Inseam inch x 2.54 x .65 = Iride size

Round down; if unsure, go with a very slightly smaller frame size.
If the frame is too large, you’re stuck. If the frame is too small, you can get a longer seat post or stem. Finding a good size is pretty easy.


Nearly all people fit the normal geometry
order the bicycle to fit you best

Ninety percent, of human body anatomies are satisfied by the standard frame sizes we offer. But if you have non standard body dimensions or special preferences, please order the custom geometry option.

Add custom frame geometry to your order for $150.

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All measurements center-to-center, in centimeters.

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