il Mercante, 22 speed roadster bicycle

New Iride roadster, il Mercante
design durability

il Mercante, the dealer, the merchant. Blast around the urban pavement with confidence. The classic cockpit configuration conducts a rider to smooth out difficulties with pull back administration, while keeping aerodynamics flowing. Acceleration and control are paramount when riding the civilized big city environment; il Mercante brings you these with ease.

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Navigating business
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The complete roadster bicycle is a high-performance noncompetitive urban cycling master; carrying Miche racing components featuring a compact crank with external bearings, and lightweight wheels with aerodynamic bladed spokes. Plus a Columbus full carbon fiber fork. All this makes it easy for you to quickly ride out to the store, meet your friends at a restaurant or go to the art galleries with panache.


Also oversize

These frames can be ordered with the oversize tubing option as shown here. The skinny 1” tubes make a lighter frame, the oversize 1 1/8” tubes make a stiffer frame. Find those options on the Shop page.

Also shown here are the sleek logo-free carbon fiber wheels
with DT Swiss hubs.


il Mercante components

Remember, handmade products have irregularities and variations,
increasing uniqueness.


Roadster testing
constant improvement

The Iride Roadster is not like the clunky roadster of years past. We have taken the fundamentals of this authentically confirmed design and applied them with contemporary racing technology. The result is essentially a hot racing bike with cool upright pullback bars.

The ergonomics of pullback handlebars are powerful. They have been in use from the 1800s up until today; clearly there is something to the design.

Great increases in casual-looking power can be made by a rider pulling with the arms in time to pushing with the legs; this full-body employment causes easy speed. And not only does the body position provide a better view, you could also carry a box, smoke a cigar, or talk on a phone.

For normal riding the elbows are aerodynamically kept in like with typical road racing drop bars. When you want maximum speed, put your hands down near the center of the bars and tuck in for nearly the same aerodynamics as a triathlon rider.

The new IRIDE Roadster flying

Blast potential
surprising velocity increase

The likelihood of fun occurring while riding your new il Mercante is rather secure. You will almost always have a blast. Designed to be quick and to facilitate operational efficiency, these roadsters give a rider everything they have in order to make a fulfilling pavement riding experience.


The striking profile of

alluring presence with brooklyn bridge beyond

Exploration riding of the city is intellectually rewarding. Though, out in the real world street conditions do vary, pavement can be broken. Quick maneuvering of il Mercante prevents impact, steel durability saves the bicycle if not.

Weight as shown, in 56cm size, is 19 lbs 5.55 oz, or 8,776 grams.


The polite profile of il Mercante
strength through manners

Gracefully making power and smoothly controlling your bicycle along the avenues portrays confidence. This naturally occurring display enhances your safety and pleasure during the urban voyage.


The Dealer
Il Mercante

This proven handlebar design defines the roadster, the evolved ergonomics deliver power made with grace; virtues enhancing your exploration of the avenues. The high-performance nature of Iride assures a rider can go fast with ease.

Blast around the urban pavement with confidence. Smooth out difficulties with control, accelerate when you need. Gain the rewards of riding Il Mercante.

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