The Iride Mixte, step-through frame bicycle

Mixte, with low top tube.
design durability

Presenting the Iride Mixte. This historically dependable design has proven to be advantageous for high performance urban cycling. Making stable, secure, solid, comfortable riding.

The complete single speed Mixte bicycle. Featuring slightly larger, though lighter weight, kevlar beaded tires, sealed bearing wheels, and carbon fiber fork. Triple butted Columbus Niobium SL tubing makes the frame as light as steel can be, giving the beneficial ride characteristics of the material. This steel is so advanced, less needs to be used to make the strongest lightest steel bicycle frame possible. The complete bicycle in this photo weights less than 20 lbs.! It comes in at merely 19.4 pounds (19# 6.4oz., 8.8 kg).

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Dependable Traditional Design
strongest design for the lightest step-through bicycle

The traditional mixte is the best design for a step through bicycle frame. When using tubes, this is the strongest lightest structural configuring available. Iride uses the lightest strongest material possible. This is the best way to ride the classic Mixte bike.

The design preserves the lateral strength of the frame. Side to side forces are fortified and all power goes to the wheel, contrary to other step-thru bikes.


Ease of access, easy to get on.
easy to use

There are various designs available for the low top tube frame with the step-through function. Usually removing the top tube creates a flimsy frame, unless clever invention is applied. The most structurally sound and stable frame design is the mixte with the thinner tubes connecting the top of the steering tube to the rear axle.

Triangulation! In the long plane of the bike. Even lateral triangulation to stabilize side to side flex, transferring leg power most directly to the tire.

To have the ease to just jump on and off. Simply hop on your bike and go.


Fork Option 1
1. Full carbon fork

  • Full carbon fiber Columbus Minimal fork with carbon steerer tube
  • 360 grams
  • Recommended

Fork Option 2
2. carbon legs with steel steerer

  • Carbon fiber legs with steel steerer tube
  • 635 grams

Here is a List of Good Things

With the strong structure of the frame concentrated farther below the rider, the center of gravity becomes lower. This enhances the handling controllability while riding.

  • Handmade care
  • The bicycle’s heritage insuring a rider’s high status
  • Strong triangulation with ease of access
  • Lower center of gravity controllability
  • Lightweight nimble and stable safety

Remember, handmade products have irregularities and variations,
increasing uniqueness.

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