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New Iride roadster, il Mercante
traditional plus advanced

il Mercante, the dealer, the merchant. Blast around the urban pavement with confidence. The classic cockpit configuration conducts a rider to smooth out difficulties with pull back administration, while keeping aerodynamics flowing. Acceleration and control are paramount when riding the civilized big city environment; il Mercante brings you these with ease.

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The Iride Bici Pista
results over time

Through generations of velodrome experience, the Gemmati family has developed a frame with serious yet moderate geometry, resulting in an eminently ridable, quick, predictable, nimble, solid machine. The perfectly balanced handling characteristics are equally suitable for velodrome or pavement.

The complete track bicycle. The lightest and most refined bicycle in our lineup.

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Mixte, with low top tube.
design durability

Presenting the Iride Mixte. This historically dependable design has proven to be advantageous for high performance urban cycling. Making stable, secure, solid, comfortable riding.

The complete single speed Mixte bicycle. Featuring slightly larger, though lighter weight, kevlar beaded tires, sealed bearing wheels, and carbon fiber fork. Triple butted Columbus Niobium SL tubing makes the frame as light as steel can be, giving the beneficial ride characteristics of the material. This steel is so advanced, less needs to be used to make the strongest lightest steel bicycle frame possible.

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Monello, the one speed Roadster.
fundamental ease

Presenting the Iride Monello. This historically fundamental design has proven to be beneficial for high performance cycling.

The tried and the true, enhanced with the advanced.

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IRIDE high accessories

Purchase high quality embroidered items in our online store.
show the marque of Iride

See all the accessories and clothes with this link to our online apparel store:

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We offer polo shirts, t shirts, work aprons, toboggan hats, attache cases, tablet sleeves, and more. Good stuff. All individually embroidered with the 1919 Iride coat of arms shield logo.