The Iride Monello, single speed Roadster bicycle

Monello, the one speed Roadster.
design durability

Introducing the Iride Monello. This historically dependable design has proven to be advantageous for high performance urban cycling.

The complete single speed Roadster bicycle. Featuring slightly larger, though lighter weight, kevlar beaded tires, sealed bearing wheels, and carbon fiber fork. Triple butted Columbus Niobium SL tubing makes the frame as light as steel can be, giving the beneficial ride characteristics of the material. This steel is so advanced, less needs to be used to make the strongest lightest steel bicycle frame possible. This complete bicycle weights 8.96 kg (19.77 lb) in the medium 54cm size.

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Make some trouble
while looking good

The simplicity and the safety of a single speed drivetrain is well understood. Pedal, coast, and stop securely with the freewheel and caliper hand brakes. The advantages of single speed over 18 include, less weight, cost, and maintenance, and the experience of being closer to purity.

The pull back upright handlebar roadster is enjoying a resurgence among the well experienced city riders of San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, New York, and Portland.

This comeback occurs for good reason. The ergonomics of this configuration generate a lot of power. With easy coordination, a rider who pulls on the grip while pushing on the pedal utilizes those large untapped back muscles to make power. Exploiting this fuller balance of the ample muscles, a rider produces a more total body propulsion force with less exertion.


Fork Option 1
1. Full carbon fork

  • Full carbon fiber Columbus Minimal fork with carbon steerer tube
  • 360 grams
  • Recommended

Fork Option 2
2. carbon legs with steel steerer

  • Carbon fiber legs with steel steerer tube
  • 635 grams

Monello components

  • Hand brazed lugged Columbus Niobium SL triple butted steel frame
  • Tough powder coat finish
  • Miche X-Press wheels with machined sidewalls and sealed bearings
  • Flip-flop rear hub with fixed cog and freewheel
  • Gipiemme Piega Sport aluminum upright pull back handlebars
  • Vittoria Zaffiro Pro 700x25 kevlar bead tires
  • VP Components spiked platform pedals
  • Miche Performance dual pivot caliper brakes
  • 18 tooth freewheel

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