Charlotte, North Carolina NAHBS 2014

Hot single speed Monello
exhibition context

Here is a nice view of the excellent single speed. And above our sign, is the proprietor of next door neighbor Geekhouse bicycles, Marty Walsh's head.


The graphics of 1919
era of an explosion of new devices

The graphic design of the day, when Iride was founded, has a certain integrity. Enigmatically difficult to read, it is in Italian. Now, is it post modernism or nostalgia?


Good looking Charlotte
hey, not bad

Downtown Charlotte, North Carolina is a rather civilized city. We also explored North Davidson, and the Bechtler Art Museum.


Pondering Iride Single Speed
north american handmade bicycle show

The people of Charlotte imagine themselves riding the top shelf bicycles on display at the Handmade Bicycle Show. And then many do.